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No okay but have you considered:

  • Bucky Barnes always being the caregiver and protector for his siblings, for Steve.  Bucky always putting himself between everyone else and the world.  Bucky being a metaphorical (and sometimes literal, with Steve getting into fights) wall that no one has ever been able to truly get through.
  • Dum Dum Dugan looking out for himself.  Dum Dum always taking care of number one - that is, his own ass - because other people are only going to drag you down.  Dum Dum who is that guy in the stories, the one who appeared and disappeared in almost the same breath.
  • Dum Dum and Bucky meeting at basic.  Dum Dum noticing the way that Bucky always goes out of the way to talk to the really homesick guys, who goes back during runs to make sure that everyone gets to the end.  Dum Dum starting to notice that there isn’t anyone really returning the favor.
  • Bucky suddenly having this mountain of a man badgering him about eating enough and sleeping enough.  Bucky having someone who backs him up at almost ever turn.  Bucky not knowing what hte hell to do about that.
  • Dum Dum learning to give a shit, even two, about another person.
  • Bucky learning to let someone actually take care of him for once.
  • In the battlefield, before they’re captured, Bucky stepping in front of the other men and Dum Dum trying to step in front of Bucky.
  • Bucky giving Dum Dum the name Dum Dum.
  • Dum Dum fucking RAGING when they drag Bucky away to Zola’s laboratory.  Dum Dum trying to get them to take him instead of Bucky.  Dum Dum sitting and staring at a wall and wondering how this happened, how he got stuck with this dumb kid who is too smart for his own good.
  • I just

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My day was a real mixed bag, so here’s a summary:

Bad points:
I nearly drowned on dry land
Surprise panic attack

Good points:
I only need to average 71 this year to get a first
My first cws meeting went really well
My dudewives are the best
My pretty pictures came in the post

In conclusion: I am feeling weirdly positive right now. It feels good.

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so I was thinking that mark ruffalo sounds a lot like mark buffalo, and then i decided that i obviously wasn’t going to be the only one who thought about this. so i typed ‘ruffalo the buffalo’ into google images and i found these…




i don’t know why but it made me happy 

I don’t know why but it makes me happy too.

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